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Microchipping & Passports

All horses and ponies need to have a passport identifying the animal

The Horse Passport Regulations legislation states that all horses should have a horse passport linked to the animal by a uniquely-coded identification microchip.

  • The regulations apply to all horses (including ponies, donkeys and other equidae)
  • Foals must be implanted with a microchip before 31st December of the year of birth or within 6 months of birth, whichever is later. Other adult horses not previously issued with passports should also be microchipped
  • Only Veterinary Surgeons can implant a microchip into a horse
  • When a horse passes away, the owner must send the passport back to the issuer to be recorded within 30 days. The passport will be returned to the owner once the process is completed
  • The owner or keeper with primary responsibility must produce the passport without delay in the event of an inspection, unless the horse is stabled or at pasture or being moved on foot when the passport can be made available within 3 hours. If the owner is not able to produce the passport during a veterinary visit, the vet will not be able to administer certain drugs and may need to use an alternative and often more expensive product

Even when not legally required microchipping can be hugely beneficial if your horse is lost or stolen.

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