Before your Pet comes in for an Anaesthetic

All animals (except puppies and rabbits) should be starved from approximately 7pm the night before the Operation . Water should be left down overnight & taken away the morning of the Operation.
Puppies: Food & water must be removed early the morning of their operation.
Rabbits: Do not starve or remove water before the operation.

Please can you take your dog for a short walk before bringing them in so that they have an empty bladder and an empty rectum before being left with us.


Common Questions

When should a bitch be spayed/neutered?
When should a cat be spayed/neutered?
When should dogs/cats be castrated/neutered?
Why shouldn't I starve my rabbit?


When should a Bitch be spayed/neutered?

Vets prefer to spay at least 1 month after her last season & 1 month before the next. Bitches usually have 2 seasons a year. We can spay a bitch one month after the first season.

When should a Cat be spayed/neutered?

Firstly, has she had kittens? We would rather operate once the kittens are weaned, the milk has dried up and when the cat is not in season (in season between the spring and autumn, usually every 3 weeks). Cats can be spayed from 6 months of age.

When should Dogs or Cats be Castrated/neutered?

Firstly, does your dog or cat have two descended testicles? The operation is a little more complicated if he hasn’t. The vet may have to go fishing in the abdomen to find any undescended testicles! If you are unsure it is best to have checked by a vet before the operation. Castrations can be performed once both testicles have descended & from 6 months of age onwards.

Why Shouldn't I starve my Rabbit before their operation?

Rabbits do not need to be and should not be starved prior to an operation as they are unable to vomit. They have a rapid metabolism which means that long periods without food can send them hypoglycaemic. They need to be fed their usual diet right up until the operation. The owner may pick fresh grass to put in the carrier during transportation to the practice.

If you have any other questions or queries please contact the Office


24 Hour Emergency Telephone 01570 422 322

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