Advice for Farmers with confirmed Sheep Scab

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  • Alert the suspected source (e.g. the seller of purchased sheep or neighbours)
  • Warn owners of sheep in neighbouring fields and try to arrange for them to treat at the same time as you
  • Treat all sheep on the farm (scab can be indirectly transferred through handling facilities, buildings and fields)
  • Sheep scab mites remain infective for up to 21 days off the sheep. If you cannot avoid returning sheep to a contaminated area after treatment you are advised to use a product with residual effect (all products listed below)
  • Always read product labels and follow the instructions carefully
  • Check product labels before administering any other medicines at the same time
  • Moxidectin (“Cydectin”) cannot be used in sheep vaccinated with “Footvax”

Plunge Dipping

  • In Organophosphate (Diazinon) (OP) e.g “Coopers Ectoforce” and “Gold Fleece”
  • Showering/Spraying sheep has no effect on scab
  • Avoid plunge dipping in extremes of heat or cold and allow time for sheep to dry before night
  • Dispose dips according to current rules and regulations
  • Avoid shearing for 3 months following OP dipping
  • Avoid washing for 4 weeks


“Cydectin” (Moxidectin) 1% injection for Sheep: 1 injection under the skin (1ml per 50Kg) or
“Dectomax” (Doramectin): 1 injection into muscle (1ml per 33Kg)

  • Weigh sheep before injecting
  • Calibrate the syringe
  • Mites are only killed when feeding so may not die immediately. Isolate from clean sheep for 14 days following injection
  • Sheep treated by injection may continue to show irritation for several weeks due to sensitive skin
  • Pens used to handle scab infected sheep can remain contaminated for up to 21 days.

To prevent reinfection

  • Check shared fences and repair as necessary
  • Double-fencing is highly recommended
  • Treat incoming sheep and quarantine for 3 weeks to ensure mites are killed prior to mixing with the home flock

If you wish to discuss the problem, or any other problems, as part of your on going Flock Health
Plan please contact the office

24 Hour Emergency Telephone 01570 422 322

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