Planning for the ‘P’ system

Organising pre-lambing boosters of Heptavac-P Plus and getting replacement breeding stock on the ‘P’ system takes on another dimension this year for flocks as they need to plan for bluetongue vaccinations  as well. 

However, working out the best strategy with your vet now, ensures that timings will be accurate. Plus, the correct quantities of vaccines can be ordered.

Any producers thinking about cutting back on pasteurella and clostridial vaccines this year to save cash should remember that a 5 to 1 return on vaccinating with Heptavac-P Plus has been calcuated.

It is proven to control pasteurella pneumonia and the seven major clostridial diseases. The P system involves two doses given 4 -6 weeks apart to replacement breeding stock before they join the flock.

Boosters 4-6 weeks before lambing will maintain the ewe’s immunity and have the added benefit that this also raises antibody levels in her colostrum, so that protection is passed on to lambs.

Immunity won’t be passed on if lambs don’t drink at least 50ml/kg bodyweight of colostrum within six hours of birth. Once the lambs have grown past the initial early days, the protective effects wear off and lambs should also be vaccinated at around three weeks of age.

Please ring the Office now to discuss the timing of your vaccinations. 

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