Equine Vaccination

Horses are commonly vaccinated for Flu and Tetanus. However other vaccines available include Stranges and Herpes virus. The FEI and Jockey Club Regulations are detailed below.

Jockey Club Regulations for Equine Influenza Vaccination

The Jockey Club and other event organising authorities recognise the great importance of protecting against Equine Influenza. Therefore they have strict vaccination requirements which must be complied with if you wish your horse to enter their competitions or onto their premises. If you fail to comply with their regulations your horse will be barred from entry from entry onto the site.

1st Equine Influenze Vaccination from 6 months of age.
2nd Vaccination after 21 to 92 days from the first vaccination
3rd Vaccination after 150 to 215 days from second vaccination
Thereafter annually, with the last permissible day being the same date as the previous year's vaccination.
Horses may not race until the 8th day after the day of vaccination.

It is the owner's or trainer's legal responsibility to ensure that the horse's vaccination records comply with the Jockey Club Regulations.

Societies which demand complience with the Jockey Club Regulations on vaccination against Equine Influenza include:

  • The British Horse Trials Association
  • British Endurance Riding Association
  • Events which take place upon race courses or Jockey Club land

FEI Rules

The Primary vaccination course must consist of two vaccinations against Equine Influenza given between 21 and 92 days apart.
A booster vaccination must be given within each succeeding 12 months, subsequent to the second injection of the primary vaccination. None of these injections must have been given within the preceeding 7 days including the day of the competition or of entry into the competition stables.

Thus any horse which meets the Jockey Club requirements also meets the FEI requirements.

Societies which require compliance with the FEI regulations include:

  • British Horse Driving Trails Association
  • BSJA when competing internationally

It is the owner or trainer's legal responsibility to ensure that the horse's vaccination records comply with the regulations of the organisation or show in which they wish to compete.


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